Clan system in Ancient Japan

The foundation and links between clans in Japan was truly different from other clan systems. Clans were families related by blood or marriage and often fought for land.Each clan had a few powerful nobles leading them. Japan's early society was based on these clans. Wealth and power were based of land ownership and that proved which clans were wealthier and which ones were more powerful than others.    
Their main source of income was farming or fishing.
Certain people had great talent such as weaving and making clothes. Some of the Japanese were enslaved and forced to cook, clean, or take care of nobles homes. 

Yamato Clan

One of Japans most interesting clan was the Yamato clan. The Yamato clan was praised for their bravery in battle. The people of the Yamato clan were descendants of the sun god, Amaterasu Omikami. Other clans had to subject to this clan. The chief of the Yamato clan became the first emperor. The Yamato were one of the stronger clans, but there were many more. This chief was Jimmu.

Many more Japanese Clans



The Shinto religion was practiced by the many Japanese clans. Shinto is the worship of nature and ancestors. People believed their dead ancestors were still among them in spirit and asked them for guidence. Clan members often made famous people, places, or events of great importance into deities called the "Kami".