The influence of China on Vietnam,Korea, and Kymer

The Chinese influenced the Vietnamese, Koreans, and the Kymers. Vietnam was influenced a lot by the Chinese in many ways, but they were forced to adopt most of the culture. The Vietnamese were forced to wear Chinese clothes and speak the Chinese language. Two sisters Trung Tac and Trung Nih tried to rebel against China, but unfortunately failed at doing so. During these rebellious times, the Vietnamese adopted some of Chinese culture, such as Buddhism.

Korea wasn't forced to adopt, but chose too. The Koreans modeled their government after Chinese government. Also, the Koreans learned how to make pots and paint them. Korea also adopted rice farming and Buddhism.

Kymer was the next country to be influenced. Kymer learned how to be excellent rice farmers from the Chinese. Even though the two countries didn't border, they still traded with each other.